Five Nights at Freddy's 2 1.0

PC game takes pizza joints and murderous animatronics to a new level of scary

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is the second installment of the FNAF franchise. Though more similar to the original FNAF, it added several new characters and an interesting new twist to the game.

In this game, you get to work the overnight watchman shift at the recently renovated pizza joint. It has all new jumpscares, interesting new ways to avoid death, and new, even more stressful scenarios to juggle. But never fear (or should you?), Freddy and all the rest of the original cast are back to help you get acquainted with the place!

This is a direct sequel to Five Nights at Freddy's but offers more difficult gameplay. Unlike the original, you will find no comfort in slam-down doors. Instead, you are in a room with no doors, looking down the barrel of a dark hallway.

You must still monitor the animatronics via your screen, (have fun winding the music box!), but you are given more than just your trusty monitoring system. You're also given your handy flashlight (great to see what's coming to kill you), and a mask (which is supposed to fool the hellish creatures into believing that you're one of them).

It keeps with the tense and scary feel of the first game, but it is so much more difficult. (Of course, anyone who's completed 4-20 mode or played the newer installments will laugh fondly at how much easier this game is).

This particular installment of the series really started off the sound cues if you're trying to conserve energy (or just make the game even more difficult)!

Though no blood and gore appear in the game, this is definitely one you don't want to play in the dark, or even by yourself.


Great new characters

Awesome gameplay



Difficult to beat

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